My OSCP review

Hey first of all i want to thank every one who helped me through out my info sec journey and that played a big role which gave me the confidence and knowledge to clear the exam on first attempt. As this was my first info sec certification so i was really excited to grab it as soon as possible.

Registration :-

I registered for PWK with 30 days lab on 18th October 2018 and scheduled my course start date to 6th January 2019.

Learning :-

As i am a Computer Science engineering student so it was really hard for me to maintain time for learning stuffs after 11 am – 5 pm classes , hundreds of assignments and what not . But i used to bunk classes 😛 . Below is the list of things i did

  • Hackthebox : popped shell on 25 boxes within 30 days while i was at home on summer vacations.
  • Watched all walk through videos of retired Hackthebox & Vulnhub machines on YouTube.
  • Reading security blogs.

Lab :-

As i wanted to start my new year with new challenges and not by wasting time so moved my course start date from 6th January 2019 to 30th December 2018.

Day-1 Spent the whole day reading the lab manual and watching the videos.

Day-5 Successfully Popped shell on almost 15+ machines in total.

Day-10 Successfully Popped shell on almost 30 + machines in total.

Day-20 Completed almost all the Public machines and unlocked DEV department & IT Department.

Day-21 Booked my Exam on 30th January 2019 as i didn’t found other dates in January.

Day-25 Found that some exam slots got freed so i preponed my exam date to 28th January 2019 🙂 .

Day-27 Completed IT and DEV Department and unlocked Admin Department.

Unlocked Sub nets

Day-29 Made a cheat sheet of what ever i have learned throughout the labs and popped shell on two boxes from admin network.

Exam :-

I have booked the exam on 28th January 2019 10:30 am. Saddest part was i haven’t ate the whole day 🙁 because of my foolishness.


10:15 : Completed identity verification and satisfied all proctoring stuffs.

10:35 : Received the exam network vpn.

12:00 : Popped shell on first machine.

14:20 : Popped shell on second machine .

17:30 : Popped shell on third machine .

20:00 : Popped shell on fourth machine.

20:30 : Went for dinner and took some rest as i have enough marks to pass.

I spent the whole night on fifth box but didn’t got a foot hold on it so i organized all screenshots and made a rough documentation about the machines on KEEPNOTE which i have already completed.


6:30 : I quit the exam before time as i have enough points to pass.

23:30 : Submitted the Exam Report to offsec.

I had to wait more then 7 days to get the exam results and it was very frustrating to wait so long.


Got the email that i have cleared the exam 🙂

Well it was really challenging and i have learned a lot from the labs. In another blog post i will share my cheat sheet and will give you some tips to catch the low hanging fruits.

Cheers 🙂

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  1. Ioan iuga

    Well done mate!
    Can you share some drafts or some tools and commands sheets used during the preparation and exam?

    1. i will be sharing it within 2-3 days

  2. Divya

    Yeah.. i need it too. Please share Your cheat sheet .. it would be helpful for us.. thank you 🙂

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